We help you gain the freedom you need,
to live and work from wherever you want.

The amount of information available today is overwhelming, so we’re keeping it short & sweet…

3 Resources to Help

Curated Articles
~ the best of what we’ve written

Free eBooklets
~ for loyal subscribers

The Location Independent Life Plan
~ if you’re serious about doing this yourself

3 Businesses We Run

Group Mentoring
~ from Lea Woodward (Founder of this site)

An Online Startup School
~ for Women in Business

A Global Union
~ for Illustrators

3 Places We Loved

~ in the West Indies

Cape Town
~ in South Africa

~ at the folk’s place

3 Services We Use

~ for web hosting

~ for email marketing

Headway Theme
~ for WordPress

3 Services We Love

~ for online storage

~ expert flight finders
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Fancy Hands
~ for affordable virtual assistants
{Click this for 50% off your 1st month}

And Finally…

Confessions of a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

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