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The Story So Far...

Back in 2005, Lea and Jonathan Woodward were both stuck in the corporate world – as a management consultant and graphic designer, respectively.

Fed up with the insecurity and lack of freedom while working for other people – alongside a growing sense that they wanted to do something more with their lives – they decided to go it alone and set up their own businesses.

To take the financial pressure off their fledgling ventures and not compromise on their quality of living, they left the UK in 2007 and took their businesses on the road to find a new place to call home.

Along the way, they lived and worked from places like Panamá, Buenos Aires, the West Indies, South Africa, Thailand, HK, Italy, Turkey and more.

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Why Are You Here?

Many people who want to become location independent are willing to leave the security of a job and start their own business, because they too want to do something more with their life – and to do something that matters to them more.

Being location independent means that you can do this from anywhere – untethered by geography and able to follow opportunities wherever they might happen.

If you aspire to do something with more meaning and you want the freedom to do it wherever you choose, we can help.

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