If no-one was watching and no-one was judging you,
where would YOU LIVE and what would YOU DO?

Who We Are

Lea WoodwardI’m Lea Woodward – a British wife and home-educating mama of two, who became location independent in 2007 when I hit the road with my husband to find somewhere else to call ‘home’.

Fast forward several years, ten+ countries and two children later and we’re currently back in the UK trying out countryside living for a while; and with the clear realisation that we’re unlikely to ever want to call one place home for the rest of our lives!

What we have learned along the way is that the location independent lifestyle is for people who, like us, are not content to settle for a ‘normal’ way of life. Read more about our story of freedom here →

Who You Are

You value freedom above almost anything else; you may not be as free as you’d like to be yet but that’s your goal. It’s not just about location though, it’s about freedom in all aspects of your life – the ability and choice to do what you want, where you want, when you want and with whom you want.

Imagine the life you’d live and the business you’d run if no-one was watching you and no-one was judging you. That’s the kind of freedom I help people create for themselves and their family.

And it starts with awareness and consciousness – of where you are, of who you are, and of how what you’re currently doing is (or isn’t) serving you.

Find out how I can help you master your life and your business here →

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