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Where Do You Belong?

Do you want to be location independent so you can finally find somewhere that feels like ‘home’? Or does the thought of settling in one place fill you with horror?

Do you hover at the edges of groups, communities and tribes never quite fitting in but dipping in and out of each? Have you always had a feeling that you don’t really belong anywhere?

How do you find a sense of belonging, no matter where you are, when you feel you’ve never belonged anywhere?

Read about the story so far from the beginnings of location independent in 2007, or catch up on the latest steps of my own journey to explore what belonging might mean – when we can live and work anywhere, with anyone we choose – and yet still never choose to belong…

A Reboot

After several years of neglect – not to mention a divorce, a new same-sex relationship and beginning to explore a dark, hidden part of my past which I've denied for years – it's time to reboot this website! There's a theme I want (need) to explore. It's a theme that's...

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When More Is Not More

This is the view from my garden as I sit and type this post. It's my current 'home' – a 300-year old cottage, in the English countryside, complete with a paddock, an orchard, an allotment and its own private stream. We are living the dream. Except it's not our dream,...

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