Location Independent And Remote Working…

Lea first coined the term ‘location independent’ in 2007 to describe the way of life she and her then-husband had inadvertently created for themselves as they travelled the world for several years, running their own web design & development consultancy. Since then much has moved on in the field…

With the explosion of technology platforms enabling people to work more effectively from anywhere with an internet connection, remote working has become much more than just an employee perk and is now used by organisations of all sizes (from companies of 1 to 600+)  as a viable, scalable and profitable business model.

Our Goals At Location Independent…

Our work here focuses on a more individual approach to remote work. While team working, collaboration and communication are obviously fundamental to making remote working a success, we believe it can be even more simple than that: A happy worker is a successful worker, remote or not.

We focus our efforts on the happiness and wellbeing of the individual when working remotely, before looking at what’s needed to make a team of individuals work better, remotely. What makes us different?

  • We focus on individuals first, before we focus on the team.
  • We prioritise the ‘touchy feely’ elements of remote work, as well as the practical nuts and bolts of working remotely.
  • We act as an unbiased party – between companies and their remote workers – to make it work for both sides, equally well.

It is our goal to help remote workers show up, be seen and stand out. When remote workers are empowered, supported and happy, the company they work for benefits the most too. You can read more about our team here.

Our Experience Of Remote Working…

Lea ran her first remote business as a 2-person web design & development consultancy with her then-husband, bringing in independent contractors as necessary. Managing and working with clients and colleagues from a beach – on the West Indian island of Grenada, from a coffee shop in Buenos Aires, from a poolside cabin in Thailand and more – was not without its challenges, as any remote working professional will know! 

Simultaneously, she grew the Location Independent community and ran a blog with a team of editors, writers and 3rd party consultants – managing the team remotely, with people spread across 6 continents. Most recently, she grew an online tech support company – the Rescue Desk – with a team of 5 tech support people on 3 continents, servicing clients around the globe.

Throughout this time, she has continued to coach and mentor colleagues as a business strategist, largely with the goal of helping them become location independent and work remotely. You can read what people say about her work here.