Become A Leader: Start A Circle

If no Location Independent Circle exists where you live, please do consider starting your own! You’ll receive our full support to do this, which means we’ll:

  • Waive your Circle membership fees. Obviously! You’ll get automatic Full Circle membership for as long as you’re a Circle Leader.
  • Share our lessons learned and best practices for what it takes to set up and grow a Local Circle, based upon our (and others’) experiences, to help you avoid potential pitfalls and minimise stress.
  • Work with you to get your Local Circle set up and provide materials for you to use to help grow your Local Circle.
  • Have a custom-designed logo created just for you and your Local Circle to use (coming soon!).
  • Invite you to become a member of the Location Independent Inner Circle, which is comprised of our steering group and your fellow Circle Leaders.

There is no cost to become a Circle Leader nor is there a financial gain; we assume as a Leader, you are doing this because first and foremost it meets a need for you – socially, emotionally and perhaps professionally too. IMPORTANT: The role of Circle Leader is designed to ENHANCE your own (ad)ventures, not detract from them. 

What You’ll Get

This is a position of leadership, in whatever style you choose to lead. Even if you con’t currently consider yourself a leader, we encourage you to step into a role which we hope you’ll find challenging, motivating and empowering…and at the very least will help you connect with your right people, locally and globally.

Please note that this is NOT a paid position and is purely voluntary. As a Circle Leader, we hope you’ll gain benefits from being in the role, including:

  • Enjoying a leadership role in whatever way suits you best, with support from us to do this.
  • Taking a more active part in your local community.
  • Meeting people you might not otherwise ever have met, locally and globally.
  • Growing and nurturing your own sense of community, online and off.
  • Being part of a supportive community of like-minded women, locally and globally.
  • The opportunity to experience a dedicated leadership ‘track’ if you’d like to hone and improve your leadership skills.

What The Role Entails

As a Circle Leader, you’ll be tasked with the following:

  • Organising a venue for your local Reunions; how and where you choose to do this is entirely up to you…organise a meal, a few drinks or a coffee – whatever you feel will work best for you and your fellow Explorers.
  • Inviting new Explorers to join your Circle; we will help spread the word about your and all other Circles online but you know your local areas best and hopefully already have folk in mind.
  • Lead the Reunions; these don’t have to be formal but we will ask that you let all Explorers know what the monthly themes are and encourage exploration of these at your Reunions.
  • Actively participate and encourage others to do so too in your online Local Circle, in between Reunions.
  • Provide feedback, input and support to fellow Circle Leaders and the Steering Group as part of the Inner Circle.

In terms of time commitment, we don’t expect you to dedicate hours and hours to the role unless you’re getting something of equal benefit from doing so…

  • The Reunions can be as long or as short as you and your fellow Explorers choose and we’d like to think others will help you organise these, if you/we ask them.
  • We will help manage the online Circles – both your local one and the global one – so it will be up to you how much time you choose to spend as a participant online.
  • While your feedback and input is useful to the Steering Group, we never want it to be a drain on your time and energy so if it’s too much for you to contribute, don’t!

If you find that you can no longer be a Circle Leader, we will obviously aim to find someone to take over for you and failing that, the in-person Reunions can be put on hold and we can continue to manage the online Local Circle in your absence.

We’re currently working on getting the first 10 Circles set up and after this, we’ll be in a stronger position to provide support to help others do this. If you’d like to set up your own Local Circle, do get in touch and we’ll keep you in the loop!