The Location Independent Life Plan

You read the blogs. You’ve bought the ebooks. You want to become location independent. Desperately.

Maybe you’ve started your own blog to chart your journey. You’ve shared your bucket list. You’ve got a few ideas for a business. Perhaps you’ve already set one up. But it’s just not happening yet. Or if it is, it’s not feeling as good as you thought it would. Something’s just not right. Here’s why…

You probably started from the outside in; you saw the lifestyle you wanted, you saw others living it and you set out to re-create it for yourself, doing what they did – or a version of it – and with a sole, unwavering focus on building a business online, which you can run from anywhere…your big picture goal.

But what if you started from the inside out? What if you you started by figuring out the nitty gritty details first? And those nitty gritty details all added up to a whole that’s WAY bigger and better than you could ever have designed or dreamed of.

Welcome to the Location Independent Life Plan…

What Is It?

The Location Independent Life Plan is an online programme to help you map out the details most aspiring location independent people (and many offering to help you) overlook. The Life Plan is designed:

  • To show you how and why what you’ve been doing has not been working for you so far.
  • To give you access to the kind of practical approach & support you’ve been missing.

The purpose of the Location Independent Life Plan: To help you build a business you actually want (love) to run so you can live the life which fits you. Like a glove.

The Modules:

#1 Planning Your Best You – A lifestyle that is built consciously, mindfully and with sustainability and longevity in mind can last for your lifetime (not just a couple of years)…planning for a lifestyle and a business to enable you to be your best you is what this module is all about.

#2 Planning Your Business, Your Way – Most people approach the building of their online business from completely the wrong angles. They ask things like: What can I do to earn an income? What will people buy? What will make money the fastest? This module is where we look at how to ask the right questions to build a business you actually want to run.

#3 Finding Your People, Crafting Your Message – Find the right people and almost everything else will flow from that. In this module, we take a different approach to defining exactly who your right people are, and then how to craft your messages in a way that will hit home for them.

#4 Creating Your Offerings – In this module, you’ll be crafting offerings which (a) Bring out the best in you & for your business. (b) Deliver the best for your customers & clients.

#5 Your Strategic Plan of Attack – In this module, we’ll be helping you figure out how you’re going to get to where you want to go…and teaching you about a tool to help you do that, over and over again.

#6 Making It All Work – In a nutshell, your business model is what pulls everything together. It’s the vehicle you choose to bring everything together – ideas, people, processes, systems and more – to generate your profit. In this module, we fill in the gaps of the missing elements from your business model and pull it all together.

BONUS: Hitting the Road – In this module, you’ll find a number of additional aspects to consider if travel is going to be a big part of your location independent lifestyle…(we know that this isn’t the only definition of freedom for everyone!).

What You Get

The full Life Plan will give you access to:

  • A range of plans to help you map out your own Location Independent Life & Business.
  • Digital worksheets to help you record and crystallise your plan.
  • A series of audio prompts, with personal anecdotes, summaries and tips.
  • A video summary of key takeaways for each part of the programme.
  • A hand-selected panel of specialists for one-to-one support sessions (subject to additional but affordable fees). These include:
    • An international tax & finance whizz.
    • A relationship coach (to help with those difficult family, friends & loved ones conversations).
    • An online business strategist.
    • A home education specialist.
    • On Location specialists for various destinations around the world.

Get the Location Independent Life Plan for £97…

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Some Background

It’s been 6+ years since we first hit upon the idea of becoming location independent in 2006.

Since then, between us, we’ve run a number of different types of business and worked with many hats on, including:

  • A business coaching practice for health & wellness coaches.
  • A freelance graphic designer.
  • A web design & development business.
  • A freelance writer, specialising in About pages.
  • An online school teaching women how to use online tech.
  • An online business strategist & adviser.
  • A freelance illustrator.
  • An online resource & live conference for illustrators and more.

We’ve run our businesses whilst traveling full-time for 4+ years, visiting Panama, Buenos Aires, Grenada, Cape Town, Thailand, Turkey and more.

We now choose to have a base in a small town in the UK, and travel when the mood takes us (although with a 3 year old and a new one on the way, it’s not quite so frequent these days!).

It’s been a blast but throughout this time, we realised that something always felt like it was missing…we felt like we were always chasing something.

Something more, something better, something more right. We realised we’d been chasing a big picture – but had forgotten about the tiny details which are the ones you live on a day to day basis.

The Location Independent Life Plan is the sum of everything we’ve learned about truly designing your lifestyle from the ground up, from the inside out.

Get the Location Independent Life Plan for £97…

Buy the Location Independent Life Plan Now

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