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Craft Your Own Location Independent Life Plan

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.” – Jim Rohn

Back in 2007 when there were far fewer digital nomads and location independent entrepreneurs around, we rather unstrategically ‘planned’ our way round the world and – especially in our businesses – threw stuff at the wall to see what would stick…

Fast forward 7+ years, hundreds of clients, and a couple of kids later and we now have a crystal clear approach to crafting a location independent – or any kind of consciously-designed – lifestyle for yourself. And it all starts with your core values…

Here’s what happened when we weren’t operating from our core values:

Costly travel mistakes

Heading to places that didn’t support the day-to-day lifestyle we wanted to create for ourselves; because we hadn’t figured out what really mattered most to us.

Clients who drained, not energised us

We attracted and worked with customers and clients who – while they weren’t overtly disrespectful – clearly didn’t truly value what we offered, and we were left feeling like workers for hire rather than professional ‘colleagues’ and equals.

Offerings we didn’t enjoy offering

We sold services and products we didn’t truly enjoy delivering, which not only did a disservice to our clients and customers, it did a disservice to us too.

When we stopped and realised that many of our choices were in conflict with our values, we finally crafted the location independent lifestyle we wanted…which means:

Enjoying a home base

We don’t currently want to be nomadic but we do want to be able to take trips wherever, whenever – which is exactly what we’ve got now. We spend a few months each year overseas, and we regularly spend a few days away from our home base – where we either continue to run our businesses or take time out entirely.

Clients who energise and inspire us

These days we work with only the kinds of clients whose values align with ours, and who add to and don’t subtract from our lives; the value exchange is clear, equal and fair, and the boundaries are maintained and respected. It’s a 180-degree difference from the kinds of people we used to work with. Thank goodness.

Offerings we truly believe in

We now offer our services and products in ways that not only work best for our customers and clients, they work best for us too. Win, win.

When it comes to creating the kind of consciously-chosen lifestyle that location independence affords, doesn’t it make sense that you honour your most deeply held beliefs, convictions and values?

Which is why we developed an approach to planning which encompasses the mindset, strategy, behaviours and tools that will help you be more strategic* in how you approach your business and your life.

It’s called Values-Based Business Planning.

* Strategic to us does not mean calculated, conniving or manipulative; instead it means intentional, organised, focused and well-directed.

How Do You Know You Need A Better Plan?

Values-Based Business Planning is likely to be the most valuable for you if feel one or more of the following:

  • Disorganised and chaotic in your approach to life and/or building a business; things might have been ok so far but it feels more like it’s been down to luck (or good karma!) than anything else.
  • Directionless and struggling to anchor your life & business to a purpose that matters, to you and to others, which means you’re often jumping on to the next shiny, new thing.
  • Disconnected and unsure how to fully connect your business with your life; everything feels a little disjointed and you struggle to find flow.
  • That you’re limiting your own potential because you don’t have what you need to get where you want to go, and you don’t know how or where to find it.

The simple answer is this:

If you feel you could be more organised, more focused and more intentional in the way you approach your business and your life, then Values-Based Business Planning can help.

What Makes for a Good Plan?

The measure of a good plan isn’t just in the plan itself; it’s also in the process of creating it and in the implementation of it. Which means you know you’ve got a good plan when:

  • You ‘feel’ it when you look at it, rather than being bored to death by the very thought of a plan ;)
  • You can use it to guide your day to day, week to week and month to month activities.
  • It helps you focus on the bigger picture, as well as the smaller details.
  • It’s taking you where you want to go (obvious, but a big missing feature of other types of planning).
  • It adapts and evolves as you and your business do (and is simple and easy to do so).

A Values-Based Business Plan does all of these things and more…

Why Your Values Matter

Values-Based Business Planning is an approach to planning that puts your core values at the heart of everything.

With this approach you’ll discover that the act of planning goes far, far deeper than simply sketching out your aims on a dry document and never looking at it again…

Instead you’ll discover that this can be a whole mind, body and heart process that covers:

  • The excavation of your truest wants and core values.
  • The crafting of a values-based plan of action that puts your wants and values at the heart of everything.
  • The turning of that plan into the behaviours and activities to bring the plan to fruition.

This an approach to planning that truly connects your business with what matters most to you, and the people you serve – and helps you craft the location independent lifestyle you’ve always wanted to live.

Values-Based Business Planning

How to Create A Values-Based Business Plan

When you create your own Values-Based Business Plan (VBBP), you’ll:

  1. Uncover your core values.
  2. Identify what you truly want – both big picture and the tiny details.
  3. Create your own Values-Based Business Plan that puts your wants & values right at the heart of the life and business you’re building.
  4. Turn the plan into action-able “To Do” lists and recurring tasks to bring your plans to fruition.
  5. Use your VBBP as an ongoing guide, that is flexible adaptable, and evolves as you do.

Does this sound like the kind of plan to help you craft the life and business you want to live? Are you ready to craft your plan?

How to Get Started

To create your own Values-Based Business Plan, choose your level of access to the VBBP eKit below…

Key features of the eKit include:

  • A downloadable PDF of the signature “Values Matter” eGuide, walking you through the entire process to create your Values-Based Business Plan.
  • Access to the private “Values Matter” Facebook group, in which you’ll receive:
    • Regular prompts to use, review and renew your plan.
    • Useful resources curated by us to help you implement your plan.
    • Access to exclusive group coaching with Lea Woodward, founder of this site and creator of the VBBP.
  • A range of templates for further one-page plans, including:
    • A branding strategy template, to help you define your brand.
    • A content & social media strategy template, to help you plan your social media approach.
    • An offerings strategy template, to help you plan what products & services to offer.
    • A customer journey management strategy template, to help you provide the customer experience you want.
  • A personal review of your VBBP by Lea, or one of our VBBP-certified facilitators.
The "Values Matter" eGuide
Lifetime access to the Values Matter support group
The "Values Matter" eGuide
Lifetime access to the Values Matter support group
Access to the full range of additional one-page plans
The "Values Matter" eGuide
Lifetime access to the Values Matter support group
Access to the full range of additional one-page plans
Personal review of your VBBP

Your Questions Answered

Do I need to already have a business or an idea to craft a plan?

It helps if you do, but it’s not a pre-requisite since the eKit will guide you through a process to help you figure out the kind of business you’d like to build. If you do already have a business or an idea for a business, you’ll learn how to craft a plan to help you build the business that enables the kind of lifestyle you want to lead.

So what happens in the ‘Values Matter’ support group?

Good question! Membership of this group is yours, for as long as you want it – included in your one-time payment for the VBBP eKit. In the group each week we’ll post useful prompts and reminders for you to check in with your VBBP as you move forward with implementing the plan.

We’ll also share resources we think you’ll find valuable, and opportunities to attend (often complimentary) group coaching sessions with Lea Woodward, creator of the VBBP, as well as exclusive discounts and offers on tools and services we think you’ll find useful.

You can participate in the group as much or as little as possible; it’s simply there as a useful resource to help you get the most out of your Values-Based Business Plan as you move forward to implement it.

Why do we need more plans? Doesn’t the VBBP cover everything we need?

You’re a tough crowd :) As you begin to implement your VBBP, you’ll find it an invaluable tool for an at-a-glance reminder of your overarching mission. It’s just one page though which means – unless you cram it so full that it’s practically illegible – there are likely to be other strategies and approaches that you’ll want to capture, refine and use for various component parts of your business.

Examples include your branding strategy, content and social media strategy and your product/service portfolio…the details of how you want to approach each of these aspects is too much to fit into your VBBP itself, so the one-page templates we provide will help you keep everything as streamlined, elegant and usable as possible. Just like the VBBP itself :)

How does the personal review work?

When you’ve created your VBBP, email it to us and we’ll spend time reviewing it. We’ll then provide you with a PDF summary of our recommended tweaks, questions and refinements to help you fine-tune your VBBP so that it’s as effective and useful to you as possible.

If necessary, we’ll also jump on a brief Skype call to guide you further.  The reviews will be conducted by either Lea Woodward (creator of the VBBP) or in time, one of our licensed facilitators.

I LOVE the VBBP. How do I become a facilitator?

We’re launching a VBBP faciliator programme in 2015. If you’d like to be notified of this, please get in touch.

Are You Ready to Get Planning?

Select your preferred option below, to gain access to the VBBP eKit…

The "Values Matter" eGuide
Lifetime access to the Values Matter support group
The "Values Matter" eGuide
Lifetime access to the Values Matter support group
Access to the full range of additional one-page plans
The "Values Matter" eGuide
Lifetime access to the Values Matter support group
Access to the full range of additional one-page plans
Personal review of your VBBP

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