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The phrase “location independent” refers to the ability to be able to live and work from anywhere you choose. That could be from the comfort of your own home, a coffee shop down the road or a beach bar halfway around the world.

The ability to be location independent is usually underpinned by a business run via the internet. There is a growing community of location independent people – enabled & supported by the work we do here at the Location Independent network.


The term “location independent” was first coined by Lea Woodward to describe the lifestyle she & her husband, Jonathan, inadvertently created for themselves when they left the UK in early 2007, to search for their new “home” somewhere other than the UK.

Supported by a business they could run on the internet, they first headed to Panama. Realising that they could go wherever the mood took them – and that they weren’t yet ready to settle down in one place, they have so far lived & run their business from Buenos Aires, Toronto, Grenada, South Africa, Dubai, HK and Thailand.

Having realised the joys, challenges and benefits of this lifestyle, they started a blog – – to chronicle their experiences and share them with anyone else who wants to create a location independent lifestyle.


We are happy to answer questions and can talk confidently on the following topics:

  • Online technology & cloud computing
  • Running a business from anywhere
  • Running an online business
  • Permanent travel & nomadism
  • Family travel
  • Running a husband-and-wife business
  • Working from home

Please get in touch if you have any questions you’d like us to answer. We can usually respond within 24 hours.

Traditional Media

We’ve been interviewed, featured and mentioned in a number of global media outlets over the past few years, including:

We’ve also been featured in a number of books including:

We’ve spoken – virtually – about the concept of location independence and online business to audiences globally including:

  • At the Freshmen Seminar, American College of Management and Technology, Dubrovnik on “The skills that open up doors & opportunities in today’s world”.
  • At Hult International Business School, Dubai campus for the “Pocket MBA for Women Who Aspire to Lead” Program.

Online Media

Lea has also written and/or been featured, interviewed, listed or profiled in many online media outlets, including:

We are available for interviews, documentaries and features in both online and offline publications. Just drop us a line by email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.