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Front cover of the Getting Started eBooklet

What 4 Questions Are Answered?

This eBooklet answers the questions:

  1. Where/how on earth do I get started with location independence?
  2. What sort of business/job will enable me to become location independent?
  3. I have a day job – how do I get started on the side?
  4. I have loads of ideas – how do I know which idea will work (best)?

In the answers, you’ll learn:

  • The starting point that almost everyone forgets (p4).
  • The main types of businesses that can be built and run remotely (p5).
  • Places to find the best remote job opportunities (p6).
  • The 4 key skills needed to start up your own side gig (p10) .
  • How to overcome 3 of the key hurdles to starting your side gig (p9-11).
  • 3 ways to evaluate your ideas, and pick which to work on first (p13-15).

Who Am I to Answer These Questions?

I’m Lea Woodward – the creator of this, the founding website of the location independent movement.

I’ve been location independent since 2006 and have helped numerous others create their own location independent lives through the blog here, our ebooks, eProgrammes and one-to-one coaching.

I have been around the online block long enough to know what works and what doesn’t, when it comes to getting started with location independence. I’ve spoken about location independence at:

  • American College of Management and Technology, Dubrovnik.
  • Hult International Business School, Dubai campus.

For more credentials, check out the media page.

What You’ll Get for £1.75 (about $2.90)…

You’ll get 17 pages of focused information, inspiration and practical know-how…

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You can surely trawl other sources online for this information online OR for £1.75 (about $2.90) you can have it at your fingertips in less than a couple of minutes – that’s probably less than the cost of the latté you’re drinking while reading this!

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