The Risks Of Not Being Ready To Outsource

If you’ve taken our other course – Rescuing Your Productivity – you’ll know we focused exclusively on helping you improve your own personal productivity and capacity to get things done.

Why We Started With You First

It is really the only place to start because you need to be operating at your most effective before you should even think about bringing others on board to help and expand your team.

If you are not well prepared and working effectively yourself, here’s what can happen when you bring on board people to help...

  • You can’t figure out what to ask them to do for you.
  • You hire the wrong kind of support, and can’t figure out how to use them.
  • You aren’t well prepared enough to give them what they need to do their job.
  • You don’t task them well enough and the completed task isn’t what you wanted.
  • You find you are still a bottleneck, and can’t figure out how to change that.
  • You end up barely using the support you hire.

It’s no wonder people are risk averse and put off outsourcing in the first place, right?!

But as you already know, no matter how effective and productive you are, there comes a time when the only sustainable way to grow your business is to expand beyond yourself, and grow your team.

Taking Baby Steps To Start

Outsourcing can be HUGELY daunting…

  • You probably feel that you’re not quite big or busy enough to financially stretch to this.
  • It still feels easier to just do things yourself; after all it can be frustrating and time-consuming to have to explain to somebody else something that currently only takes you a few minutes to complete.
  • You’re not quite sure what you need help with; you don’t yet know what you don’t yet know!
  • It could end up being a huge mistake that costs, not saves you time and money.

What’s interesting is the point at which you should bring on board support often comes way before many people believe they’re ready to, and most people – me included – wait far too long before they do anything about it.

Low Risk Experimentations…

If you’re still at that stage where you think it’s way too soon to get help, there are plenty of small ways you can start…

  • Pick a designer on Fiverr to create a more professional logo for $5. [Fiverr]
  • Have a pro graphic designer tweak/improve your visuals for $19. [99Designs Tasks]
  • Polish your copy with a professional editor for $0.02 per word. [Gramlee]
  • Get your video/audio transcribed by this Fiverr pro from $5. [Fiverr]

These are relatively cheap and risk-free ways to experience what it’s like to start letting go of the reins so tightly, and see how it feels to have someone else do something for you. I’d encourage you – at whatever stage you’re at – to give some of these a go, if only in the interests of some fun experimentation!

A few words of caution

If you do try any of the above, you may have a bad experience. This does NOT mean that all further experiences of outsourcing will be bad for you, more that you got the wrong person!

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