Our Articles

Over the years, we’ve published hundreds of blog posts and articles; after a massive declutter of the blog over the past few years, the following remain:

Recommended Tools

Build Your Website

  • WordPress, hosted here for websites. We use WordPress because it’s infinitely customisable, flexible and scalable. If you want something quick, super simple but still good-looking, try Strikingly.
  • Headway theme for WordPress. We’ve been long-time users of Headway because it means we can create any design we want on a WordPress website. It comes with a learning curve but, in our experience, it is well worth mastering.
  • Google Apps is our core business engine and powers our email, online documentation, online calendars and more.

Create Your Content

  1. Picmonkey & Canva are both brilliant for creating and editing images online.
  2. SoundCloud makes it super simple to create and host audio content online.

Market Your Business

  • Aweber or Mailchimp for email marketing; both are good, though Mailchimp is a little more fun to use and is free if you’re just starting out and only need basic email marketing capabilities.
  • Buffer app for social media scheduling; it’s easy to use and a very interesting company to follow.

Take Online Payments

  • SendOwl & Stripe for online payments. Stripe is more for the technically-inclined while SendOwl is good for taking payments and delivering digital products without any fuss.

Manage Your Assets & Projects

  • Dropbox, the default service for many when it comes to online storage; I also use Amazon S3 as my online archive and for larger multimedia files.
  • Trello  is a great tool for team and project management. Some people prefer Asana.
  • Xmarks to manage your bookmarks online, across multiple browsers and devices.
  • LastPass to manage passwords across multiple browsers and device.